Welcome to my site!

I hope you enjoyed viewing my work. In pondering what little bit to tell about me, I figured Iíd stick with the facts.

I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelorís of Fine Arts (BFA). While I love design, sculpture is my true passion. Trying to find time to focus on that is a challenge, and Iím always on the lookout for a day in which to delve into muscles and sinews on an aluminum frame.

My guitar is collecting dust, which is a shame. I eat cookie dough with abandon and will probably die of a tape worm or something. I dream of flying through the clouds and Iím addicted to Quik chocolate milk. I still enjoy the Christmas season and all of its magical wonders. Family is very important to me and we live in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado. I truly believe in miracles and know that God is watching out for all of us day to day.